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Histiolume Procedure in Miami, FL

The Histiolume offers a multidimensional view in real time to show exactly what is happening underneath the skin not just in the location being treated, but in a larger field for the practitioner. Dr. Maercks uses state of the art technology and advances in infrared heat signature thermal vision and mapping to create a larger view for the plastic surgeon. Sculpting and lifting are more intelligent with real-time assessment treatment vectors and thresholds. Dr. Maercks continues to develop the procedure to ensure better patient safety and protection along with ultimate efficacy.

Histiolume Procedure in Miami, FL

Dr. Maercks is committed to using his education and experience to improve the lives of patients through more effective procedures and techniques. He specializes in non-invasive surgical procedures that offer faster recovery times, less blood loss, and decreased swelling. Our goal is to make your life better by creating the appearance you’ve always wanted.

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