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What is the Brazilian butt lift?

The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is an extremely popular butt augmentation procedure that we offer at our Miami practice that has many advantages over traditional gluteal implants, including more natural-looking results after surgery. Chances of rejection are greatly decreased when the body’s own tissues are used to increase curves.

As the procedure uses liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body, patients can also enjoy an improved appearance where fat is removed. The Brazilian butt lift involves minimal discomfort and scarring, along with decreased risks such as wound rupturing, implant exposure, and infection. Patients enjoy boosted self-confidence and enhanced attractiveness after a BBL.

How butt augmentation is done at The Maercks Institute

At The Maercks Institute, we perform the Brazilian butt lift, gluteal auto-augmentation, and gluteal lift to achieve the results our patients want. Whether you want a perkier butt or you want to restore volume after considerable weight loss, Dr. Maercks will determine the ideal butt augmentation procedure for your unique case. 

Why get butt augmentation?

The rear end is one of the first areas where the unfortunate signs of aging appear. The butt may begin to droop and lose the curve you desire. With our procedures, however, the natural aging effects are fought off.

Our Brazilian butt lift, gluteal auto-augmentation, and gluteal lift are all safe treatments that ensure beautiful, long-lasting results. While we encourage every patient to have realistic expectations about what these procedures can accomplish, we are very proud to be able to improve your quality of life with these services. 

What is gluteal auto-augmentation?

You may know about silicone butt implants. Gluteal auto-augmentation is similar, only they’re natural because the “implants” are your own tissue and fat. This technique removes skin but leaves the fat attached to its own blood supply, bringing it down into an area directly above the buttock muscles. The result of gluteal auto-augmentation is improved contour and projection of the buttocks. 

What is a gluteal lift?

A gluteal lift is most often performed on patients who have lost a significant amount of weight and are dealing with more severe laxity in the buttocks. This technique is often the best solution to damaged elastin and collagen that have been completely stretched out due to the individual being overweight or obese. 

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The Brazilian butt lift procedure

During a Brazilian butt lift, fat is taken from other parts of the body. This can include the abdomen, hips, thighs, and/or back, and the fat is most often removed with liposuction. Once the fat cells are removed, they are purified and injected into the buttocks. Fat cells are placed in between layers of muscle and close to a blood supply in order to ensure that they are re-absorbed into the body. Only the best tissues are injected in order to accentuate the curves and give the body a natural appearance and feel. This procedure is typically performed under local or general anesthesia on an outpatient basis and takes between 90 minutes to 4 hours. 

Why choose The Maercks Institute for your Miami BBL butt augmentation?

At The Maercks Institute, patients are considered in a way that is anything but cookie-cutter. To us, each patient is unique, with a one-of-a-kind body and one-of-a-kind aesthetic goals. Vision and experienced judgement are used to select from simple to complex advanced techniques to optimize results in the safest and most effective manner. President and medical director Dr. Rian Maercks is a board-certified cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery specialist in Miami who is known for his approach to both surgical and non-surgical procedures. His undergraduate training in fine arts and philosophy created the framework through which he explores the world of medicine and plastic surgery, and he elevates the standard of patient care and safety through his work as medical director. The Maercks Insitute is a boutique practice where attention to detail and vision are high priorities in every service we perform. If you’re in the Miami area and want to learn more about the Brazilian butt lift, gluteal auto-augmentation, or gluteal lift, please contact us.

The Maercks Institute

The fat transfer

Fat transfer can improve skin thickness and texture, as fat contains stems cells that create new tissue. Fat is injected at various depths in order to create a firm buttock and increase absorption rate. 

Tiny incisions are made in the buttock area in order to inject the fat, and the skin is lifted and tightened as volume is restored with fat transfers. The result is a more lifted and attractive buttock contour. 

Preparing for a Brazilian butt lift

The more prepared you are for any cosmetic surgery, the faster your body will heal. The most important part of preparing for a BBL is to stop smoking at least a month before your surgery. Smoking can decrease the body’s chances of taking the injected fat, and can also increase the chances of serious complications. You should also stay away from any blood-thinning medications before surgery unless the medication has been cleared through your physician. Prepare your recovery area at home to ensure you can rest while your body heals properly. You will also need to arrange a ride to and from the facility, and also to arrange a caretaker (family or friend) for at least 24 hours after the procedure to ensure that you are safe and that no problems have occurred.

Good candidates for a Brazilian butt lift

If you’re interested in getting a butt augmentation in Miami, it may be the perfect procedure for your goals. Individuals who are the best candidates for a Brazilian butt lift are those who:

  • Have enough fat to remove
  • Are non-smokers
  • Are in good health
  • Have realistic goals for the procedure

Risks of Surgery

All surgeries have some inherent risks, but with the right surgeon and staff, your risks will be minimized. We offer experience and a higher skill level in order to account for these possible complications and to ensure the safety of our patients during surgery. When you choose The Maercks Institute, you get access to a board-certified plastic surgeon with technical skill, artistic ability, and experience to guarantee that you are pleased with the results. Some potential risks of a Brazilian butt lift include: discomfort, excessive blood loss, infection, asymmetry, and hematoma.

How long do results last?

For most patients, the results from a BBL last the rest of their life. Patients should be aware that about 40% of the fat cells that are injected will be organically re-absorbed by the body during the first four months post-op. After the final outcome is visible (it takes approximately 4 to 6 months), the fat will continue to age and grow along with the rest of your body — just as the rest of your tissue does. Individuals who lead a healthier lifestyle enjoy more positive results from a Brazilian butt lift, as exercise is important to helping the buttock area maintain its shape and size.

Recovery from a Brazilian butt lift

Patients are required to wear a special compression garment after surgery in order to support the buttocks and promote healing. 

Patients should not place weight on the buttock area for several weeks after surgery, and should not sit for long periods of time for close to two weeks, as the pressure can cause too much fat to be absorbed into the body or may displace it. In addition, patients should not sleep flat on their back. You will be able to return to a normal activity level two weeks following surgery. Any soreness or pain should be resolved within two months.

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