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The importance of choosing a specialist

A revision facelifts procedure demands the skill of an experienced surgeon. It can be a challenging surgery due to the way the skin will have been previously stretched, scar tissue, and possible scarring that may have healed badly. This is why it’s so important to only work with a surgeon who is board-certified, experienced in revision facelift surgery, and who has glowing reviews for this particular procedure. You’ll want a caring, knowledgeable surgeon who puts your mind at ease. Dr. Maercks is one such surgeon, with a board certification and as a medical professional who has been double fellowship trained. Dr. Maercks is also very well known for his compassion and gentle hand, as evidenced by his work with craniofacial surgery for children. 

Why get a revision facelift?

  • Your facelift was performed at least a decade ago
  • You were not happy with the results of your first facelift  
  • Your first facelift resulted in changes to your hairline, ears, or mouth
  • Your first facelift resulted in asymmetry
  • Your first facelift was performed poorly, or with an old technique
  • You want to correct residual scarring
  • The results of your first facelift don’t look natural 

Good candidates for revision facelift 

If you’re considering undergoing a second facelift in the Miami area, you may be the perfect candidate for the procedure. Ideal candidates are those who:

  • Want to correct mistakes made during their first facelift
  • Had a facelift a decade ago or earlier
  • Had their first facelift at least one year ago
  • Are non-smokers in overall good health
  • Have realistic expectations about what a revision facelift can do 

Dr. Maercks is the consummate professional. He is a great listener and then offered his advice on how to best address my concerns. I trusted him from the moment I met him as he exudes confidence and proved it with his excellence in his procedures and always made certain I was pleased with the results. I truly lucked out when I chose Dr. Maercks.

Alfred M.

Revision facelift surgical details

Every patient will have different needs and goals for their revision facelift; therefore, the specifics and treatment time will vary. However, Dr. Maercks can give you further insight into the details during your consultation. The surgery is done with the patient under general anesthesia or local anesthesia, and typically the same incisions from the first facelift are used. 

Recovery and results

You can expect approximately two weeks of recovery time from a revision facelift, with swelling, some discomfort, and soreness for several days following surgery. You will have a follow-up visit with Dr. Maercks very shortly after your procedure to make sure everything looks good and that you’re healing properly. Early results will be visible immediately, but even better results will be revealed as you recover. 

What to expect in your consultation

Before your revision facelift procedure, you will meet with Dr. Maercks. During this initial consultation, he will examine your previous facelift and talk to you about your areas of concern and your aesthetic goals. 

He will also assess any additional signs of aging that have appeared since your last facelift surgery. Dr. Maercks will then design a treatment plan especially for you, walking you through the details, recovery, and cost. He will also be happy to answer any questions you may have. Photos will be taken, and Dr. Maercks will ensure that you are fully informed of all of your options. 

Why choose The Maercks Institute for revision facelift in Miami?  

At The Maercks Institute in Miami, we focus on customizing treatment to the individual patient. Not only is face surgery one of our main services; Dr. Maercks is a board-certified cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery specialist with an artist’s eye who will leverage your unique beauty and use experienced judgement, attention to detail, and artistic vision to accomplish beautiful, natural-looking results. Dr. Maercks’s undergraduate training in fine arts and philosophy created the framework through which he explores the world of plastic surgery, and he has been changing the lives of patients since opening his practice in 2009. He elevates the standard of patient care and safety through his work as medical director at The Maercks Institute, and his approach to both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures has earned him international recognition by surgeons and patients alike. He is an expert who will formulate the optimal treatment plan for your specific goals. If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation for a facelift in Miami, please contact our office today. 

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