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What is Kybella?

Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable compound composed of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally-occurring molecule in the body that helps break down and absorb fat. When it’s injected into the fat beneath your chin, it destroys the cells, removing the pocket of fat there. Kybella helps your body tackle this usually “unreachable” fat, resulting in a smoother, firmer, and more defined jawline.

Kybella represents the first and only injectable to target the double chin. Until Kybella, the only solution was a surgical procedure. Kybella destroys the fat cells with only an injection, allowing them to be flushed out by the body naturally. Once these fat cells are gone, they will not return. Although you will need to maintain a healthy weight after your Kybella treatment to ensure the results remain, you should be able to enjoy your contoured and smoother jawline for the long term--the results are permanent.

What happens during the Kybella treatment?

Once you have had a consultation with our specialists at The Maercks Institute to discuss the Kybella treatment and your goals for using it, the procedure begins.

To start, the area is numbed with a local anesthetic. A pattern is then drawn to show where the injections will be placed. 20-40 injections are given, positioned to ensure smooth, even results under your chin and jawline. The treatment is not painful, but you may feel some discomfort. The Kybella treatment usually takes about half an hour from start to finish.

The area may be iced after the procedure. After it’s complete, you can continue with your day, carrying on with your usual activities and routines.

Benefits of Kybella

  • A more defined, youthful-looking jawline
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Eliminates jowls and double chin
  • Permanent results that don’t need maintenance or retouching
  • Gained confidence
  • Minimal recovery and no downtime
  • Low risk of complications
  • Quick treatment time
  • Minimal discomfort

What can I expect during Kybella Recovery--and when will I see results?

Within about a week, any swelling will resolve. You may feel some soreness in the area after the Kybella injections, but this should not be severe.  Icing the treatment area can help in the first few days.

After about 4-6 weeks, you may see the desired results. For some, it might take multiple procedures to achieve their final goal. Depending on the lines you want to sculpt and the contoured look you are going for, it could take up to six treatments. 

Once the treatments are complete, however, you will have a sculpted, defined jawline--no more double chin!

Am I a candidate for Kybella?

Kybella is for generally healthy men and women who want to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat underneath the chin - without surgery.

The ideal candidate for Kybella should know that the treatment may take several months to produce results, as the process of the cells being destroyed and then naturally eliminated takes more time than liposuction

At The Maercks Institute, our team will help determine whether this procedure is right for you. A consultation will be done first to understand your concerns and goals to sculpt your face and jawline, and to be certain that Kybella is the best option to address these.

Kybella side effects and risks

Like all aesthetic procedures, this Kybella treatment can have some adverse effects.

  • Weakness in the facial muscles
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Swelling or bruising
  • Redness and areas of hardness in the treated region
  • Pain or numbness
  • Uneven smile

How long does Kybella last?

Each session is half an hour. Some patients may only need one treatment, while others may need 4 to 6 sessions with a separation of one month between each of them.

Once the treatment or treatments are complete, the results are permanent.

How much does Kybella cost?

The price of a cosmetic procedure is difficult to determine because it depends on many factors. Kybella’s average cost is $1300, but the price will vary based on how many sessions the patient requires.

Why choose The Maercks Institute for my Kybella treatments? 

At The Maercks Institute, our patients come first. Dr. Rian Maercks is a board-certified cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery specialist whose training in fine arts and philosophy created the framework through which he explores the world of medicine and plastic surgery. Patients come to him with an issue, and he determines the best way to go about solving it. His practice includes a specially-trained, professional, and welcoming staff, here to provide you with everything you need before and during your treatment.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kybella to rid yourself of your double chin, we invite you to contact our office.

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